Listen Joe, in order to prepare yourself for the nigthmare of an election of mr. Trump, you need to be prepared for his special way of fighting.

Don’t’ get me wrong, I am not one of the finger pointers of the left, saying that mr. Trump is a evil man, he is not.

But you must admit, that his style is pretty unconventional.

Democritus say, that the words hold a shadow of the deeds. Meaning, that if you can call out something or someone with truth, it is a powerful weapon. So what mr. Trump does, is that he finds his opponents weaknesses and focus on them.

Crooked Hillary, little rocket man in North Korea.

So in order to counter that, you need to be honest. Because honesty is your best weapon against that onslaught.

You also need to be ready to fight back.

I mean to be honest, what is the difference between calling mr. Romney “outsourcer in chief” and calling Hillary crooked?

It is a part of the game, a dirty part, but you have to be prepared.

In other words, think about what you will do when mr. Trump opens his war on you, what are your counterstrokes, what will he focus on, and what will you call him?

I don’t like name calling, but I do believe, that you have to be prepared to fight that fight also

Modern politics is like that, like it or not.

G-d bless the best man at the election, and let us hope it does not get more dirty than it needs to be.

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