To enter a knife fight

One thing that will be an issue in this next election is the difference between worth of the two opponents.

Worth is, according to Democritus, the hall mark of a respected leader.

I mean, mr. Trump has his qualities, and I, for one, do not think he is a bad man. He is not, the fight against the corruption of the American society he has done, speaks to the opposite.

But one must admit, that he has a vicious mouth.

What does that imply for the Democratic contest? Well, it does bring some sharp knives to the fight, and even though we like to keep things civil, elections are, for better or worse, a competition, and personal strength in a fight actually does matter. The world is a dangerous place, and being able to protect the country is a vital part of the job of being president.

So what are my comments to the public Facebook methods of Mr. Trump?

Well, my stance on it is, that the more you are foul of mouth, the more you need to be ethical in your actions.

But when Biden is to start the fight with mr. Trump, he needs to bring his own knives into the fight. It will certainly not be won with niceties, if will be a back ally knife fight, and Joe, you better be prepared.

G-d bless the will to be good in a difficult situation.

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