Ok, here are my thoughts on how to create a new Eden in the US, and thus keep the American dream alive.

Let me give you some insight as to how we here in Denmark had a parallel development to the US two hundred years ago.

At that time, the ideas of Democracy and the rule of the people started, and the leading intellectual N.F.S. Grundtvig tried to understand how we could make a Democracy in Denmark.

He concluded, that without a wise people, there would be no Democracy. So he started what is called the “Hoejskolebevaegelse”. In essence it was a string of schools with the sole purpose to educate the people to make a Democracy.

The beauty of that project was, that it worked.

The Hoejskolebevaegelse really educated the Danes, not in cold arithemtics, but in wisdom of life.

That is really what I takes to make a good society, to make a school that do not only focus on the knowledge of learning, but much more on the CULTURE of a democracy.

The reason why I wholeheartedly believe in this idea, is because my family is a Hoejskolefamily, and at Vallekilde Hoejskole, thoroughly inspired by Oxford and Cambridge, used to be a paradise itself.

When people came to Vallekilde, they felt that they had entered Eden.


You have to make schools little Edens, little wheels in that American dream.

If people are thought to be good, have knowledge about things in the world, then Democracy will work.

There should be a Hoejskole in a place called Tyler, as far as I remember in the US.

Folk enlightenment is such a strong idea, that it is the proverbial sister of the American dream.

Hand in hand, these two ideas, can and will recreate and elevate the American dream.

Because building that Utopia in America has happened before, thus it can happen again.

It is a matter of a fight to do so, to support the dream, to make it happen. Here the schools are the main jewel of that dream.

A dream that requires good teachers and a motivated school.

Let it be, that the American dream is revitalized and is there for also future generations to strive for.

G-d bless the dreams we can realize if we work hard enough.

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