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To understand the development of social media, one needs to understand what drives it, and how we need to tackle the challenge of some tech companies gone rogue in terms of the vigilancy towards the sanctity of democratic dialogue.

Let me be honest, it is not a good picture we see. Me, I have been at the top of the censureship apparatchniks for the last fifteen years, so I have a lot of experience with all kinds of censureship.

The way it works is like this.

The censurers of Facebook is a bunch of uneducated, lazy and unenlightened students that do censureship amid pizzas and homework.

There is absolutely no idealism in the function. In newspapers it is the opposite. Here journalists hold icons as Socrates and Voltaire as examples we try to follow. I doubt any of the censurers have ever heard about either Socrates or Voltaire.

Facebook has developed a regime of censorship. There is from low level to high level.

At the low level, Facebook puts up a warning, to tell you to follow their policies, that are, at best, opaque and lack any meaning.

If you do not follow this command, you will get censored. You can be censored from a few days to a month.

But at the same time, Facebook have developed “shadow banning”. That is, they have built in in their software an option to censure postings they do not like, so that very few people see them.

Add to this a focus on advertisment, so that if you pay, you can get your message out.

So, in practise, the rich rules Facebook, because they pay.

This Machaivellian system rules over mankind, more or less.

There is no way, that you can object to the verdict of the censurers. Practically ruling out basic rights as freedom of speech and the ability to make peace through dialogue.

In effect it creates small bubbles of culture that do not talk with anyone but people they share worldview with.

In the ancient democratic forum, the strenght of that forum was a debate on things with people who disagree.

So in order to fix the massive censureship, illegal censureship, of Facebook and other social media. The government and the justice system must take control of the censoring process.

It should meet legislation in the country that people reside in.

This is not easy, but it is necessary, because social media have develop to such a threat to the democratic debate and dialogue.

If you put people in charge of the very centre of a democratic infrastructure that have no idea about how it is suppose to work, you get the systems we have now.

Since the IT tychoons seem to be of the understanding, that the democratic dialogue should conform to their understanding, and not that they are servants of democracy, the justice system must take over, and make a system that will serve the public.

G-d bless the will to take action on the undemocratic and hence dangerous social media in the view of an ideal world of public dialogue.

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