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We have a bit of a problem with the Social Media. Me myself, I have had a lot of problems with social media lately, mainly because I have opposed the Black Lives Matter/woke political ideas that are alive and fighting in Denmark.

I do this, because I do not accept racism, and you can come from left or right, racism is racism.

So, Facebook has started banning me, and censuring me.

This has stressed the point, for me, that the censurship of Social media is truly out of hand.

In China the communist leaders have reached the same conclusion, and have been cracking down on Chinese mega techs.

Anyway, it does not seem to me, that the American Social media are listening much to what I say. I have been talking about open source and the importance of open social media. My own experience is, that Youtube seem to be listening a little, but Facebook remains totally unforgiving and keep on bashing the old racist tree.

Anyway, this underlines the problems that current social media encounters. At one hand, social media is responsible for the democratic debate happening in a serious and enlightened manner. At the other hand it is a business.

For now at least, it has been all about business. The social media platforms have allied themselves with the bad guys of western society, that is the secret police, at least here in Denmark, and have, more or less ignored the rest of the society.

This has led to a KGB like system, that censures all that is not in the interest of the secret police, and in the censorship that is, at best, haphazard,

Anyway, it calls for reform, but what reform.

Here we need to understand, that the best possible solution would be, if the owners of social media can plan and manage the job themselves. This is why I have been very reluctant to start a debate on the management of social media.

IT companies like Facebook and Youtube needs a lot of freedom to be able to invest in Research and development.

Making new features and staying ahead of the rest of the market is extremely important.

So controlling Facebook, Youtube and other Social media will effectively constrain them a lot, and effectively eventually kill them, even.

That is what is happening in China.

So we should be realistic about the means we apply, and the consequence.

But the KGB like censorship regime Social media is applying right now is worse than curbing the freedoms of social media.

What we need is a transparent, fair and controlled environment, that is based on sound principle. We need to be able to censure some things, but censureship should be handled by professional judges and not student workers.

The state should control social media, and not private investors. It is such a critical piece of infrastructure, that we cannot allow young people with no idea about how to do democratic debate run them.

Sorry, but that is the reality of it.

So we need to see some kind of proposal for legislation, where Social media is effectively controlled by the judges. That is the best we can do now.

I will follow up on this posting in the next couple of months.

G-d bless the will to make a more transparent world.

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