I remember when I was a small kid, I used to listen a lot to my grandfather. He was one of the old generation; honourable, just and true. He loved his country, and he never once compromise on his principles of honesty.

This is a long time ago, and the fights he fought as a secret oppositionist to the nazi occupation is not held in memory anymore, except in the humble example of my own.

In contrast to the old majestic figures that created the foundation we live on now, how are we actually faring?

Well, to be honest, we are not faring very well.

Take Libya. According to the Russians, the western oil company’s are now fighting over the spoils. Is that why we entered this war? Is that why we put our good democratic name to the cause. No, it was exactly the opposite idea, we wanted to create a humanistic, democratic society.

It is wrong to let the oil riches of Libya flow into the pockets of the West. It belongs to the Libyan people, and we should give it to them. Otherwise the Russians are right; we just made war to enrich ourselves.

This corrupt way is not what we need, we need to be honest.

Now then let us have a look on Russia, who rightfully criticize the West for hypocrisy. How do they treat the northern European socialists states right now, and in the near past?

Well all the psychological machinations of the Soviet war department was applied to Scandinavia; manipulations of culture, academic society, political processes. And, as everything else constructed in the psychological laboratories of the Soviet war machine; it was extremely effective, and the effect still lingers in Denmark and Scandinavia at large, in fact it is the basic reason why islamists have had the opportunity to rape and steal from Scandinavia, because they have used the system put in place by the Soviets. Crudely done, and not really working, but still they have used the media, the academics, the cultural life to cover their misdeeds. This is blood on the hands of the Soviets. It is wrong and should be mended.

When Solsjenitsyn was alive, he was ashamed of especially one thing that the Russians did, and that was the rape of Germany. He excused, because a civilized country do not do such things. The Germans were far out, and the deeds they did was evil, but that does not sanctify the misdeeds of yourself.

The same should apply to the machinations of Russia in Denmark and Scandinavia; an excuse would be appreciated and a stealthy but respectful disengagement of Scandinavia would be appreciated. A little help in deconstructing the psycho ops would also be an honest thing. I realize the potential risk to the endeavour, but if Russia aspires to be an accepted part of the European community, it should stop treating it as an enemy.

There are, however good signs. To be honest, the best sign is the current status of Christianity in Europe. The catholic leader is a very honest and hardworking man. I believe the uncompromising fight for truth and justice of the Christians is an inspiring example. The catholic church and the Christian churches are slowly turning the boat in Europa, and will be, G-d willing, the saviour of Europe.

Another good sign is the rebirth of Israel. It all comes down to that. If Israel is able to realize the enormous potential, it will change the world for the better. I think the lack of action in the demonstration in Denmark served as a warning to Israel; the state has to defend the jews, and the use of the state in relation to Günther Grass was a little too condemning, but it served as a good example.

The path of the jews is a long one; the basis of jewish ideology and spirit has vaned much since its inception in Jerusalem and the Egyptian/Babylonian lands. It is slowly recovering, but it will take a long time to truly understand the wisdom of the ancients and apply it to everyday life. But there is a chance, and the chance will have to be taken.

I believe the respite Israel has had is due to the fact that it has recently walked the path of light more than the path of darkness.

The Arabs are a vain people, and only if the Arabs understand the true message of spirit will it prevail. Right now most are living in darkness and are prone to materialistic interests. It has to change, and the change will lie in the fact, that the Arabs is to realize that spirit is truth. Truth in relation to G-d and truth in relation to dialogue. No more lies and no more dishonesty. Do not lie to yourself, your neighbour or your enemy, and the path to spirit is possible to reach for. To much economical fortune is not always the best thing.

Now, we are in a deep distress, and the world is not getting better, it is getting worse. Only if good people fight to make it better, by being honest and true, will it prevail.

G-d bless us all.


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