American Election

Well, the American contestants have sprung their first flight along the fiercely competitive runway. Now the real show begins; Barack Obama against Mitt Romney.

First of all. There is a deep and serious foundation under the ideas that Barack Obama has projected and argued for. First of all, let us take the taxincrease on wealthy citizens. The idea is simple; it is an idea by Democritus and it was reused by Karl Marx. But to really understand it, you have to understand the philosophy of Democritus. What were his aim? He was Pythagorean philosopher with all what that includes. In the Pythagorean perspective, there is a master plan behind all life and the universe as such. The project of a philosopher is to understand these rules thereby creating a system that corresponds to the hidden rules. There are rules in everything; music, architecture, painting and also in polis or society building.

Now Democritus found a rule in polis building that he is famous to formulate; the progressive tax. The idea is to create a more equal society. And the end result? Harmony.

Progressive tax is not to overburden the rich it is a tool to create equality and thereby happiness.

So actually discussing whether the progressive tax gives less or more prosperity is beside the point. The motors of business are much more complex than just pure greed or freedom. Business is created (in a protestant country) by the sincere striving for a good job done. We believe in the northern countries (I am a jew, so I am a little on side), but we believe, that to reach spirit we work to create a more prosperous and healthy world. We strive for good, and by doing so, we get rich. Because we do not work for money, and as a consequence we hoard a lot of money and can use this money to reinvest.

Therefor, the simple solution to the economical trouble is not to give more money to the rich, but start working for at better working ethics. We need to start working to create a society that will last. And instead of giving money away, we need to put money aside and safe them for at rainy day. That will, hopefully, turn the boat around.

Then there is the strategical considerations. In war and other conflicts, it is all about initiative. Initiative creates momentum. If you have a victory, you can gain another victory much easier. So you need to start getting in the fight and start dealing out punches. One of the first could be to criticize the economic strategy of Romney. It does not work just to give people more money, you need people to want to work. This is difficult, and it will only happen if you really create an environment of opportunity, available cash for development. But most important; a serious motivation. Why should people work? To be good citizens, to help each other, to create a better world for our kids. Tell the voters that, and you might start talking to their patriotic and sincere interest in the well being of the country.

Then my situation. I am to be a father for the first time in my life in two weeks. This will give me a little extra work. But try writing me if there is a great problem, apart from that, I will be following the news to see the progress of the election, and write if it is needed. And, I do not help because the American election is important for the world, I do it to help a friend. So, please, help me back, otherwise it gets to unequal and that is a strange feeling. 🙂

Thank you.

And G-d bless America

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