The path of light

There has been a long time since the jewish people were actually living in the vicinity of Egypt and Babylonia. The tall walls of the city that created the wealth of western society is only dust now, and the halls of egyptian scribes are empty tombs in the desolate desert of both forgetfulness and evil Islamitic control.

The sources of western and indeed world wisdom is still prescribed in the Kabbalah and the amazing compilation of our culture, but, there is a but. The deep, true connection to spirit is vaned over the years. I know many jews will harras me for this simple observation. But never the less, this is the truth.

Spirit is a deep and conscious apparition we are forced to acknowledge if we wish to live as bringers of the light. It demands a proscribed purity and a striving for excellence we are hardened as warriors to find.

Parmenides, the great greek scholar believed that there are two possible paths in life to choose from; a path of light and truth, and a path of opinion.

For a long time, we have walked the path of opinion. We have not had the energy and sufficient rest to truly engage in spiritual deepening. The Egyptians had thousands of years in almost complete safety to really dig into the true understanding of the world. We have had Israel for few centuries here, and the few centuries there. This is the true price we have payed as a people on the run.

True depth and real understanding demands a long time of study. We need to dig deeper, deeper and deeper. As the Egyptians and the Babylonians did. I have brought us to a shallow understanding of things, through an archeological work into the true sources of our culture, but the path has only been sketched for us. We need to dig deeper and really understand.

This is not an intellectual exercise, it is a true work of humble servant to spirit.

We have a unique opportunity, but the true work lies ahead of us, and it will take many years to fulfill. We strife to put up the temple of Solomon, but, as I see it, this striving is not about winning wars. Yes we win wars, but it is mainly about understanding the true foundation of the spiritual world in connection to the material world.

The thing is, not until we have managed to enlighten the world and really create a world where love is supreme are we allowed to rebuild the temple of Solomon. There is a chance now, but it is nothing more than a chance, and we have our free will to either squander that chance, or work with all we have to fulfill our promise.

The stakes are enormously high, and we have promise, but the path of light is a dangerous and steep path up the mountain of Moriah.

Let us pray, that we will not stumble on the path, and our footing will be sure to reach the ultimate goal; the deliverance of mankind.

G-d bless Israel.

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