Be careful Norway

The socialists states of Northern Europe is in a deep distress, and on the verge of collapse. The hapless citizens of Norway, Sweden and Denmark have been raped and trashed by second-rate jihadis imported by the corrupt states. Now, will the global community just accept this absurd tragedy, or will it act?

There is such a thing as a secret police force of the world, it attends the hotspots of conflict and tries to mend or to work a conflict into a solution. There are different parties, the order of the hospitalier try to help in terms of medical services, and then there are the warriors, they are still called the Templars.

Many believe that the Templars are not here anymore, well that is not right, they are still here, and they are very much active. Maybe in a certain North European country.

People will dislike me for saying this, but here it comes anyway. IF Breivik really represent the Nights Templar, then Norway and the Scandinavian Socialdemocratic countries at large are in deep trouble. They do not move upon a country unless a serious crime to humanity occurs. The continuous rape of Scandinavia is one of those incidents, it will not be accepted by the international community. And if Breivik is really a messenger, please consider the possibility, then Norway is i an deep trouble. We are not talking about a single mad person, but a huge international network of military givers and takers, and they are extremely powerful.

This is not a threat, it is a wake up call for the Scandinavian politicians, if you do not change course, we might as well see another attack by a Templar cell.

You should be realistic and spare your own children. The horrendous killing and raping of citizens should be stopped, otherwise action might follow.

Sacrifice me for telling the truth, or do something about it.

In this I am only analyzing backed by the knowledge of how things really are.

G-d bless the peace and prosperity of Norway

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