Where there is a path there is a final goal. We need to define this final goal to walk the path the best we can.

First of all, realizing the goal will have to take us back to where we came from so long ago. Really we did not invent all the ideas that we are the custodians for; we are just the carriers of the ideas. This is the true meaning behind the coin; G-ds chosen people. We are not chosen because we are better that other people, but because we, by coincidence, happened to life right between Babylon and Egypt when the original sources of our culture in the West and beyond flourished.

Yes we did contribute ourselves, but really most of the development of the ideology we are the sherperds for what someone else developed and realized.

So, in order to find the goal, we need to dig into Egypt and Babylon.

This is the first move.

How do we do that?

First of all, it is an archeological task. I have worked on it for around seven years now, and it is difficult for me to get any longer because I have, more or less, exhausted the sources available to people who are not inside the apocryphal libraries of jewish lore and catholic underground vaults.

But, if you have followed me on Rubicon and in my books, you can perhaps follow some of the principles I have dug up and tried to understand.

Basically there are two distinct traditions; the polis tradition of Mesopotamia and the kingdom tradition of Egypt. In Mesopotamia the communities were organized around a city (polis). In the city an intricate system of law, jurisprudence, banking, art and spiritual exercise were conducted. This was developed under the keen eye of a semidemocratic council and a government of judges.

The principles are what we today call philosophy of banking, politics, astronomy, natural science and much more.

On the other side Egypt was very different in terms of tradition. Yes Babylon and Egypt did exchange ideas, but the secret traditions of Egypt were very much their own.

What Egypt really dug into were things as mathematics, spirituality, magic and the rule of the king.

These traditions were our basis and in a renaissance of Israel, we need to first understand the ideas, and then build upon them.

Take an example; illumination, or the creed of truth. This is a spiritual and mystical ideology spawned in the great halls of Lun or On. Greeks call the city Heliopolis or the city of light.

This ideology is an intricate theoretical discussion on the relationship between light and truth. It has a myriad of applications; in Russia they call it Glasnost, in Denmark we call it Folkeoplysning, in America they call it enlightenment, in jewish lore we talk about the sons of darkness and the sons of light. The angels are on the side of our people, and the dark lord is the antagonist.

Now, to really create Israel we need to understand these basic ideas, and start where the Egyptians left; on the theory of light and truth. This is a task worth the children of Israel.

There are many more principles and discussion we need to enhance and develop; atomic science, politics, mathematics, banking, agriculture, on and on the list goes. But if we succeed in remaking the basis of the ideology of true jewish thought, people of the world will flock to our halls to understand and listen. Through this beacon of humanity will the world have a chance to really shed the chains of misery.

G-d bless Israel.

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