To give

When we are in this world, often we hope to receive this and that, and do our best to achieve many things we deem necessary. Rarely do we think about what we can give. Why? Because giving is a hassle, giving is a lot of energy spend on a task we often do not know what the profit will be of.

Yet giving is such a wonderous and important task, to all who believe that love and caring is the core of spirit. Why?

Because giving is one of the tools in the toolbox of love. Somehow we surpass the filter between ourselves when we give. We live in small shells each of us. This shell is a lonely place, where we are often longing for connection with other spirits, and yet we find it so difficult to break the boundaries of our self and connect to others. This is one of the basic prices we pay to be human.

The only way we can relive this loneliness is by loving and being loved. But then again in the material world, most of the things we surround ourselves with are bare and nonspiritual. The effect is often doping. We dope ourselves with television, read too many books, or in more complicated instances we turn to harder drugs. Why? Because we are lonely, and we suffer in that loneliness. The drugs will keep us numb and forget the loneliness.

This is where giving comes in. Because the loneliness we feel, is often due to egoism. We have wandered our own narrow path into solitude, because we did not think about how our loved ones fared. We thought that if we just cut a corner there, took a shortcut there, it would be much easier.

This is wrong, love does not accept the sloppiness of the weak, it is a difficult task, a tremendous sacrifice almost everyday.

On top of this, we often do not receive anything back from all the work we do. We give and give and give, and often we receive nothing back. Why? Because people around us are in the same situation, and are often pressed on energy and time. That is the simple truth. Life goes by, and sometimes we simply end where we started delivered in pain, and are cast back into G-d.

To recreate spirit on earth, we therefore should start giving again. According to Kabbalah, there is however an equation to consider. The equation is like this; if you give 100% and do not receive anything back, you are wasting your time, the persons who are receiving are lost. You should consider at least a number of 10 % in return.

That is the reality, if people do not give anything in return, move on. If they give a little, it is perfectly ok.

That is why I believe we should give to Spain right now. Save them, they are in trouble. Do not just relieve them their guilt, but relieve them the prison they are in the euro. Help the Russians in their quest for recognition. This is a task for Germany, who the Russians rightfully admire. Help the israeli prisoners of faithlessness who are in a quagmire of despair. Help the Peloponnese who are in danger of revolution. Help America regain its virtue and self-esteem. Help Denmark in his dreamy self-destruction. Help me, not much, but just with at pat on my shoulder and if I get broke, help pay my bills. Help yourself, help your sister, help your father. Help where help is needed. Help Libya to attain its economical freedom and rebuild its financial and infrastructural system.

Then we may attain love.

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