American election

The American Election is approaching. It is a very close race. On one hand a mormon capitalist entrepreneur, on the other hand a professional Afro-American, Baptist socialist.

These two ideologies are competing in the race of the presidential control and leadership of America.

I have, so far, helped my friend Barack Obama some. As we joined forces in foreign policy and in the fight especially over Libya. The foreign political chessboard of poweradvancement has been a great success. Yes there have been throwbacks; as in egypt and partly in Tunisia. But, the diplomatic victory over Iran in the discourse over atomic warheads have been, it seems, as success.

Now, I do this to help a friend, and to further the democratic ideals of the West. As Denmark has joined forces with America over Libya, and further back in Iraq and Afghanistan. Recently the social democratic and extreme leftwing government has redrawn its support, but, if I may, this is not in accordance with either the majority of the population or the wish of the liberal/conservative opposition.

Now, in the election, I would like to contribute with the strategic insight and spiritual guidance as I have had in the war. But, since it is not a matter of world peace. It comes with a small price. As I see it, the support of a jewish philosopher would earn Israel a serious support in the confrontation with Iran, and it would include a public endorsement of the cooperation between American liberals and the humble philosopher.

It is a serious and adequate price.

I do this to further the interests of Israel, and to gain an international voice. I, as a token of generosity and friendship will put my focus on the election, and try my best to gain the upper hand as a strategist and ideological supporter.

It is the best, between friends to have a clear agreement in work. It makes the friendship work, because it guards the borders of the friendship and gives a good working spirit.

It also gives a possibility to make demands on my work from the liberal camp.

I humbly suggest this, and hope it will fall in good grace.

G-d bless you all 🙂

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