The problems of Norway are full og both promise and demise. We are approaching a final showdown of the socialist states  The projects; the Islamization, the oppressive part of the European Union, and the antisemitism is fullblooming and meeting its advesarys. Already the Christians have replied in blood to the atrocities and active persecution by the socialists. But there are several other scores that has to be settled, and the price is stepping up as the socialist islamist states are actively pushing their agenda through its many tentacles; media, academia, secret police and street thugs. 

The states will hate me for saying this, but listen, the Breivik case was just a warning, stop the persecution of christians and nationalists, or the price you will pay will be higher, this is how war works. Each side will step up the confrontation untill one of the sides will win. 

I an not the hand behind, I believe in democracy, I just convey the feeling of the underground.

Beware, curb the confrontation, systematic repression, or feel the true wrath of a people with just a few hundred rapes too much. 

Stop your evil ways, rein in the collaboration with Hamas and other Islamitic groups, or feel the wrath of the disperse and persecuted. You are what one will call, rightfully, the curse upon the northern lands, and more persecutions will not solve the problem, it will only enhance it. Dialogue, respect for the opposite perspective, honesty, integrity and openness on the issues are the solution. 

G-d bless the lands of the north. 

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  1. Godhi
    August 30th, 2012 at 02:01 | #1

    What we need is to return to the Old Ways in Scandinavia. I’m not just talking about the Old Gods–the Aesir and the Vanir–I’m talking about returning to the traditions and values that once made Norway, Denmark, and Sweden some of the finest countries in Northern Europe.
    At one time the Scandinavians were considered the most tolerant and understanding people in Europe, accepting the cultures and beliefs of others while respecting them under the ancient codes of hospitality.
    At the same time, maybe the Scandinavian people should re-examine the religion, culture, and values of their Pagan ancestors. Hard work, courage, generosity, hospitality, moderation, cooperation, truth, persistence, and loyalty–all were once considered virtues in Scandinavia.
    We need to return to these values–Pagan and Christian alike–and unite toward the common goal of making Scandinavia great again.

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