When you grow up, shed your first blue canvas t-shirt, put on a nice white shirt, bind your first tie, you realize, that somehow, between the t-shirt and the shirt, you grew up. You can’t really point to a specific time where the change occurred, somehow it just gradually happened along the way.

Now, these changes can be for good or for bad. There has been times where the changes I went through were bad, but these days they seem good. Why? Because life blossoms around me.

In the jewish faith the very core is simple; love. We were somehow burdened with the task of giving love to mankind, and somehow remake the fabric of humanity to try to enhance the positive sides of the latter. This is difficult, not only one would say extremely difficult, but perhaps even impossible. Yet this is the goal we have strived to fulfill all these years, since the inception of our tribe in the lands between Egypt and Babylon.

Now, to fulfill the task, one has to understand the mechanics of nature. Because love is an integral part of nature as well as spirit. According to Empedocles, the great greek scholar, there are two opposing forces of nature; strife and love. Love is the center of nature, and strife is the rim of the globe. In between the center and the rim of the globe lies life, sometimes it is all filled with strife, other times it is all filled with love. It is a pulsating movement, first love, then strife, then love.

Now, according to Empedocles when the tide turns from strife to love, the direction will be given by the core of the sphere. This is where the central loving unit will, through arduous difficulty, have preserved love.

This is what growing up is; you realize that you are now a part of the nucleus, because you really, personally love someone close. This is what has happened to me, as I have had the luck to become a father. Little Rakel, appeared in my life eleven days ago, and the love I feel for her and the rest of my family, represents the nucleus of both my world, but potentially also the rest of mankind.

This is lesson we can all use, us who fight to redeem mankind; we need to start with ourselves. We should not love all humanity just in an abstract way, but start loving and caring for our family and through the loving we feel and share, it might spread like rings in the water.

Let there be love in the world.

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