These days the European continent is heading for a catastrophe. The Euro is failing, the Schengen is not a good idea, the economical hazards in relation to the close fiscal cooperation is really unbearable for the poor countries as Greece and Portugal.

What are the basic reasons for this malady and what are the potential cures?

First of all, the reason why we are in such a hazardous situation is a combination of egoism and terrible planning.

We have not worked the European project as a collaborative project, and it is done poorly.

I really do not applaud the current system, it is intransperent, the economical corruption is not acceptable, and the democratic system is not accountable to the people. As a consequence, the entire construction is failing.

This is not only a terrible situation for Europe, but for the world at large that cannot work unless the European countries contribute with the wealth of ideas and inspiration it has done in the past.

Is there a way out? Both yes and no. No because the current system is not viable in the long haul, and yes if the construction is trimmed, installed with a serious triangulation of power, and given the opportunity to be corrected by the people of Europe.

First of all, to envisage a serious construction of a superstructure of Europe, one has to ask oneself, why? Why do we need a superconstruction? Because we need the money? No, each country can do this well on their own terms, and do not really need a superconstruction. Because of security? No, we have the Nato already, and we do not need another Nato, besides the armies are not loyal to the European project but, as they should, to their own countries. So why do we need it? Because the cooperation will enhance the internal cooperation in terms of commerce, culture and ideas.

This is really the only answer there is. It is a project that could, across the borders give the cooperative spiritual and practical ideological frames that could enhance the wealth and the wellbeing of Europe, and thus of mankind.

It should be, as I see it, a vehicle of illumination, a cradle of civilisation, a bringer of light, science, spirituality and humanity across Europe.

A body that has, as one purpose; to serve the european people as a way to find the strengths of each university, business or piece of art, and make these items common heritage and wealth.

Such a beacon of humanity could serve peace just by being an example to follow. A beacon of the purest and most bright minds, of the most challenging ideas. Let it be another first republic in the sense as the french had it; a place for the Socrates and the Platonists to roam, a place for light.

If it actually managed to attract the best and the brightest, and gave them a platform to inspire from, it would truly be a project worthwhile.

G-d bless the inspiration we all strive for

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