19_700_11879The world is truly changing through the good work Obama and I have done together. If you would think of it, perhaps he is the saviour after all.

When he started the entire western world was on a path to destruction. The US economy was waning, we were unpopular all around the world. But now, the West is seen as the good guy and the islamists are seen as the bad guy.

Not bad for a president everybody loves to hate.

I will give you a little insight into the minds of us. It comes with a bit of philosophy of what it is to be a viking warrior. Because deep down, that is still what we are, truly.

According to viking lore, the power of the vikings is like a Auroch, it is fierce and devastating, and it can run wild if not focused.

That is how I see it. We in the West are terribly strong, but we need to channel that strength with wisdom and focus. If not, I mean if we start bombing and destroying everything around us, we will lose, because then the wiser strategist will use that strength against us.

So we channel, we do not diminish, but we channel that fierce strength into a wise, intelligent strategy, that will win us victory.

This was, most probably the ideas of Ivar the Boneless, the Dane that conquered England a thousand years ago. He had no bones in his body, so he had to use his keen intellect to win the day. Ok, he was too brutal, and often without any motive, we should not be that way.

We should be prudent with our ressources, see the fight as multifaceted. Looking at media and social media as a battle field, and see the larger picture.

The larger picture being the fight between our values and the values of the islamists.

G-d bless the will to find peace in the end.

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