The storm

There is a war coming in the European mainland, and in the US. The open borders and the nature of threat, the guerilla style war, will eventually end up in attacks on cities in the West. We should be prepared for that, physically as well as mentally. We have already seen the reaction on the Paris attack, it gave a lot of spirit, but also a lot of fright. People will look for the strong or woman in that situation. Someone to protect them.

The problem however is, that rash action will not protect anyone, only desicive and intelligent planning. This means an increased vigilance at the borders and a tough, tough crackdown on not only the terrorist cells, but also on the infrastructure they enjoy, the shelter they can find in ghettoes and so on.

It will take a while this war, there is no doubt about that. We need to take the initiative and start getting control of the ghettoes and so on, otherwise we are at the mercy if the buthchers. What they threaten is our way of life, the openmindedness and joi de vive.

They are forcing us to put up borders and painstainkingly smoke them out. But we need to do that, otherwise it will be the streetthug that will end up in control in our cities, and that would mean the end of democracy and start tyrrany, and that would be a catastrophe.

G-d bless the will to do what is needed in the interrest of democracy and spirit.

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