Happy Chanukah

imageIsrael always has problems. I know the feeling here in Denmark, constantly on the run, constantly fighting for my own survival. I know how it is to be a Jew.

But, fortunately, I also deliver progress. As the vicinity of Israel has lost its international grip over the media, Israel slowly grows stronger.

It works. I know this is not over, and new fights will emerge, but through the example of David will we win. That is, cunning towards our enemies, and a great wide and warm heart towards our friends.

In Europe there is a storm coming, this time it is not against Jews, if I have anything to say, but in the defence of Jews. So Israel will steadily grow stronger in its relationship with European nations, it will come to the point where true alliances will be built.

So, I believed that peace was around the corner, but evil is strong and crafty, so we will have to fight another day, and finally, as the interest of spirit dictates; win the peace.

G-d bless Israel, and happy Hanukah 🙂

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