Two lands

captionI love Egypt, from the first time I realised that Egypt is truly the well of almost all that I love of philosophy, mystics, politics and metaphysics. I have, as Lawrence of Arabia, read numerous tomes of ancient lore about Egypt, felt with Egypt when it finally fell under the yoke of Rome, as it fell in disarray, as the riches of the ancient country was plundered as “Two lands” was raped and pillaged.

Today it is but a shadow of its former glory, but it still lingers on doesn’t it, that perfumed smoke of mystery and philosophical brilliance, that city of light that spawned humanism. It still lingers on, and I know positively that mr. Al-Sisi is the last pharaoh of that long line of royalty. We should see Egypt as it is. Not a democracy per se, but a kingdom with a democratic foundation. But then a kingdom that bases its ideology on a basis that we all share.

As Paris is called Par Isis and the statue of liberty is a rendition of that Egyptian goddess. The goddess of light and humanism.

In that sense, I believe that the fight mr. Al-sisi is fighting against IS and Hamas is a quintessential fight, that will define not only western backing of the Sunni muslims, but the definition of good and bad sunni Islam.

He points the way to enlightenment and human behaviour, IS points the way to barbarity and destruction. He is the good guy, IS is the bad guy.

Therefor, I believe that supporting him, is extremely important. Because not only is he an enemy of our enemies, he is also a man that can lift Sunni Islam out of its destructive course. If he does that, other muslim countries can actually follow.

So I say, support the man, to make a new path for Sunni Islam, a peaceful path, that can drive the world to harmony and not chaos.

Because that is the essence of Egypt.

G-d bless the wise makers of humanism, and may Two lands endure also this crisis.

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