The Baltic

Well, there is an interesting development going on the Baltic, Russia wants to renegotiate the size of the pipe going from Russia to Germany. This being the path it can chose after Ukraine is squeezing its revenue on the pipe that runs through Ukraine. The entire Eastern Europe is adamantly against Russia after Russia tried to impose its system on them.

There is a lot of problems in the mix, because now Denmark is trying to play international politics with the pipe, that runs through danish waters, seeing only its own needs and totally ignoring the needs of Europe and especially Eastern Europe.

I believe, being a part of the conflict in many ways, that Denmark should work for peace. We may have some leverage, but why should we use it on our own advantage, we have plenty of money and ressources, why not use this little geopolitical chip to advance the peace of the world.

I believe we should go for a compromise. We should let Mr. Putin have his extra pipeline, but we should do it in the interest of peace, that is, only if we see a deescalation of violence in relation to Eastern Europe.

This may be a small gesture, but maybe it will be a gesture that will ensure a better development. Remember, soon we will have other much more serious problems in Europe with IS fighters flooding in. We need to work together to fight those bastards. I know that Russia was an oppressor under Stalin, but Stalin is not all of Russia, there is Medvedev and Putin can be harsh with his enemies, but he is a warm man to his friends.

G-d bless the will to find peace.

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