What happens, when you, as a philosopher truly tries to fight for democracy against a foe like the Islamic State. We have just witnessed one of its victims in the UN depicting the methods of this monstrosity.

When you change something, you enlighten. That is, you speak the truth and only the truth. But in a democracy like Denmark, that is truly corrupted, what happens is that you are attacked both by the public as well as the secret police.

The public will do all it can to shove under carpet, ridicule you, keep you underfoot, just because you say what is true. This is a reaction you will always see in a corrupted democracy, any democracy really, it has always been the fate of those who speak the truth, that is why we have the first amendment. So that truth can be spoken without any reprisals from the state.

But here in Denmark, the reaction has gone a bit farther. I know that truthsayers are always imprisoned and such. But in Denmark where this is illegal, there is no way the system can do this. So it uses its secret police. that is, in the beginning, the mafia method, where it continually goes after the economic transactions of the philosopher, trying to wean out all pennies of the truth sayer. Since the method was developed to tackle criminals and not philosophers, there is not much to take away from the philosopher. After all what he tries is upholding the law, not breaking it. So they get creative and find new ways, always to take away the money of the philosopher with the aim of starving him to silence. They are creative, evil is always creative. And they will not stop until the truth sayer will stop the truth.

But this is how it is to search for the truth, evil will try to subdue, and stupidity will be the credo of this faceless evil. Always trying and prying and using all its tentacles to try and ruin.

I believe that the story of the young Yazidi girl will not be complete without understanding that the collaborator of the IS is the secret service at least here in Denmark, evil incarnated, the devil in one of its disguises. Using the system to break the law and try and silence.

This is the true face of Denmark, since all who are in power accepts it willingly. They could stop it, but they do not. And you should be judged not on what you say, but what you do.

There is the misconception, as I see it, that the devil will not do anything if he is not acknowledged. I say it is different, if the action is evil, in that mind that conceived the action, the evil and therefor the fallen angel is at play.

Therefor, you need to see not only the violence of the IS, but also that of its collaborators, that is the secret services, or some of them in and around Europe.

G-d bless the will to understand the way of the fallen angel.

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