We have serious problem with the migration into Europe of people coming from the Middle East. Right now the problem is, that we fight over it, and therefor gets nowhere. The liberal position is to defend the migrant/refugees at all cost. The conservative position is to fight the migration at all costs.

So we have this situation where we are divided amongst ourselves, that is the worst possible situation.

Let us break the situation down into details.

The migration started as an IS sponsored project. IS launched a campaign in the refugee camps in the Middle East telling the people there, that there is gold and honey lying in the streets of Europe, especially in places like Sweden and Germany.

In this process IS hid a huge number of their best warriors that are now embedded in especially Germany, if I understand their boasts right.

The refugees themselves are often young muslims with a vengeful spirit, and they consequently take the situation into their own hands more often than not.

There are Christians among the refugees, but they often are abused, and we even hear stories about Christians being cast out of the boats when they cross the strait to Greece.

But there are also a number of women and children among the refugees, whom are also threatened.

So what is the problem, if we look at it with a clean and objective mind. The problem is, that the IS is abusing our goodness, luring us into a difficult situation. This is how things are run in the Middle East theatre. As Gadaffi did when we fought in Libya, as the Gazans did in most wars against Israel.

It is called camouflage and is a part of any warfare.

Now, what are we to do? We need to see the situation with clear eyes, and do what is truly just. First of all, I believe we should protect those who are truly vulnerable in the migration, that is women, children and Christians. Secondly, we should reroute the migration back to the Middle East, but then make sure that they are taken care of where they are.

The refugees come from all over the Middle East, from Pakistan and Afghanistan. We should take them in, organise it, and make decent camps with all they need in the areas they come from.

That would be honourable and fair to all, not only the refugees, but also the countries in Europe that are truly threatened by the migration economically as well as in terms of security.

But most important, we should do it fairly, not with a brusque mind, but fairly and efficiently.

These are people, we need to treat them as such, but within their ranks are also enemies, and we need to fight them as they are dangerous.

G-d bless the peace we will find if we are true to peaceful measures instead of fighting all and everybody.

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