Merry Christmas

All persons have selfishness in their bones. We can be servants of spirit, but sometimes we are selfish. I myself have been selfish, especially in my fight with the Danish system. Ok, yes they sought to kill me, did persecute my family and so on. But it was selfish of me to use my power to stop them. This is wrong, I should have carried the burden and sought to help instead of using my power to give myself freedom from the jackals.

But that is the way it is with us humans, we are all servants to some degree and egoistic to some degree.

Now it is Christmas, being Jewish, I should not uphold this festival, but being brought up in a Danish family and having Danish family, it is a little difficult. Who would want to spoil the fun? Rakel is all up and ringing about presents and Maria is happy for the first time in a long time.

So what should I do, spoil the fun because this is not my faith? I would be an idiot if I did it. So I tag along and see them happy. I sacrifice a little bit of myself to make them happy, even though it hurts a little bit.

To be a good person is to recreate heaven on earth. How do you do that? You do it by understanding how and what heaven is, and then you emulate. In heaven we are connected, there is no warfare and hatred, there is intelligence and peace.

That moment and feeling of interconnectedness also called love by some, is what we always try to find. We fail and often we do it miserably, but we still strive for it.

The thing is, reality is complex. You cannot just follow simple principles and thereby be a good person. It is always a very reflective and difficult process to be a good person. You have to go for that middle ground where some people think something, other people think otherwise. If you in your blind faith tramples everybody around you, you usually end up being a bad person. Because evil is simple, but goodness is very, very complex.

This is why we need to understand, that we have to be openminded and understanding of those around us. Because since goodness is complex, and the material world has a lot of vices, we all make mistakes.

Merry Christmas to all of you, from my heart. Not a fake love, but a deep respect for all who have failed, all who are doing wrong, being selfish. Because right ways will always be very difficult.

G-d bless the peace we will win in the end.

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