r14According to the wise clerics of the temple of Isis, we can see Isis as a victorious and tender yet beautiful virgin skipping over the earth on her wings of flight.

Sometimes she is above, sometimes she is below.

I have pondered about this dilemma and what those words really mean; as above so below. For a long time, I believed that it meant, that below was somehow a reflection of above, and here is also the question; what is above.

I think I have an answer to this now. Above is, according to Anaxagoras, the master of Plato, intelligence. We are in this intelligence interconnected and limitless, we are in love with all around us.

This is not the way below works, it works the other way around. Below is hatred, loneliness, sacrilege, pain and if we succumb to the vices of the material world, we are taken away from above. So this leads to war and pain.

If you do not believe in G-d, you are limited to see only the material world, and as a consequence you often despair. Because the qualities of the material world are there, but in comparison there are much more pain in the material world than happiness.

This is why we as believers in G-d have an edge. We know that there is a paradise, somewhere where we are all connected, that we come from, and we will return to. This knowledge gives us strength. We do not despair as easily, but have the joy of knowing, that there is a higher purpose and aim of our existence. We are even able to emulate, sometimes, what paradise is. Here on earth. This gives us a certain respect among mankind, but also derision from those, who have no faith and are caught up in a vicious circle of painkilling, short term satisfaction and egoism.

Their limited worldview makes them unable to understand our beautiful world.

Our job is to drag humanity away from below and to above, because we hold that dear knowledge of the afterlife and what it is to be a good person in this life.

We need to remember that when we fight each other. Hold up the mirror of paradise, to what we create here on earth. Is it far away from above, or is it close to.

That is what all prophets or men of faith would recommend. Do we get closer to G-d from our position and with our actions, or further away.

G-d bless the peace we will find, as spirit slowly descends on our humble and sinful heads.

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