The ten commandments

moses-ten-commandments-37729-galleryI think I have just solved the mystery AGAIN! You know, I have been pondering what it is to be good, after taking a long hike around Plato, Anaxagoras, metaphysics of the highest order. I realised that to be good is to emulate the spiritual world, and strive to remake G-ds realm here on earth.

Well, surprise! I was not the first who realised that, in fact the very founder of the monotheistic religions Moses must have realised it as well. If you read the ten commandments, you will see, that they are all simple instructions on how to avoid the material trap and reach love and harmony with your closest family.

It is so simple, and yet, if you think about it, it is a recipe that will guide most people closer to G-d. Why?

Because we realise the spiritual world in and around us. Family is about realising G-ds world in earth. That was the original idea. This is a stroke of genius, because if you know what the spiritual world is, you would also realise, that it can only be realised in connection to your closest family and friends. Why? Because the spiritual world is extremely difficult to realise here on earth. It is only through years and years of work that you can realise it. Sometimes you can focus on just one person; the love of your life, your best friend, your child to realise it. But most times, you expand it to include your best friends and family.

Moses devised a simple ten point plan, to make everybody realise this; heaven on earth.

Look around you. Here in Denmark it is nothing but broken families and workaholics. If your not a workaholic, chances are you do not have a job. Because all jobs in these times are designed for workaholics.

If we just followed the ten commandments, we would be so much better of. Keep a day sacred for rest, respect our parents, stop coveting our friends spouse, stop stealing and so on.

That recipe is the best there ever was to a better life, because it answers the simple question; what is it to be a good man?

G-d bless the peace we should find at the end of all our trouble.

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