The moral collapse

We have reached a turning point in the islamist takeover of Europe. The taboos surrounding the takeover have been breached, and we can talk openly again. This is a true mess, because the truths we are facing are astounding, and in all reasonability some kind of responsibility have to be placed and effected.

Take the cover up in stockholm where the police for many years have covered up rapelike actions of immigrants at a festival, for years!

One thing is to enforce a taboo, this is human. But the price is so high, that only an absolutely immoral person or system would do it unblinkingly. How can a person that knows about these thing willingly turn the blind side to it, and still uphold some kind of moral dignity?

I can understand that the secret police is doing it and has no scruples, they are in the business of no scruples. But the media and the normal police. Bankrolling the rape of young girls. The moral failure is unfathomable, and that in Sweden, known for its high moral!

It is absurd and truly a dark time for Europe.

Then what are the arguments they use to explain this absurd behaviour. The arguments are, that they are worried that if people knew they would vote on the wrong party! So they openly admit that they accept the rape of young girls, to steer the voters in a general direction. Not even North Korea are so immoral in their views of the world. I have not heard them accept the rape of young girls as a accepted tool of statecraft.

Europe have gone from a beacon of democracy and enlightening to a bunch of destructive and morally bankrupt states in just one or two generations.

This is what we are facing.

The process to turn this around will be extremely painful, but necessary nonetheless.

G-d bless the bright light of a humane democratic state, as it is what we strive to remake.

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