Anglican Communion

AnglicanCommunion_symbol_342x339It is really difficult for me these times. At one hand, I strive for peace, at the other hand, I do believe that peace will only come, if you are truly honest about the problems that you see. This is enlightenment. This is what we are supposed to do in the light of spirituality.

This makes me very politically incorrect in many ways, but this is how truth is. It is never politically correct.

What I do believe is, that peace will never come if we just accept atrocities and abuse because no-one dares to confront it. We have to confront it, and be honest in the face of the dark lord.

If we do not see his actions, we are not spiritual, and then we do not fight for the light.

There is a grand communion coming up soon in the Anglican church. Hopefully magic will happen at the communion, hopefully Oxford will open its gates and bless it with all its beautifulfull light. It will, because such is the nature of Oxford.

What will be difficult will be the radicalism we need to both tame and use. We cannot be untrue, but we cannot, at the same time fracture that fragile bond that still holds the communion together.

Finding that balance is very difficult, and it will demand a political as well as an honest approach.

But there are many things that binds us together. What we need to do, is to be openminded and openhearted. Not sever any ties or push away. Be loving and honest at one time.

G-d bless the communion and may it be succesful.

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