The last sermon

It has been many years now, and I think the main results I have been involved in has been the restructuring and reemergence of the American economy, and a hike for peace in the Middle East.

This has been almost total success. I know that many people are still sceptical about the Middle East peace process, but we seem to get there, step by step.

The process I am going through with the Anglican Church might also spin off in America, but this is only a opportunity not a requisite.

What have we left to do? One year left, and still a lot a opportunities.

One opportunity I think we have left out a bit, is the fight for civil rights.

A race split America is not a good thing, so, according to rev. Martin Luther King, we can dream about a world without such splits. This can be achieved by focusing on what we have in common. That is civil rights.

The right to be equal with all who are nearby, the right to be educated, the right to be free of suppression in all ways.

This work can be healing work, and perhaps that could be a beautiful closing sermon of a long and adventurous tenure.

Be vigilant for all that is good.

G-d bless the United States of America, and may it remain free.

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