State of the Nation

I just finished my contemplation on mr. Barack Obamas state of the union speech, it just hit me with a punch in my gut. You know, I have been in politics for ten years now, bringing, with Barack true change. I believe, that you have only just scratched the surface of what we have begun now, it will leave a lasting impression for thousands of years.

What is really happening, people around the globe do not really seem to get it, especially here in Europe, where the traditional left and right axis seems to crumble in the headwind of the 68´ths falling empire.

I am not a true native of Denmark, truth to be told, my mother is, and my wonderful dad is from Bangladesh, he is a muslim.

So I have never hated muslims, I love several of them, including my little sisters, that I have seen far too little to.

At the same time, most of my friends are virulent Islamcritics. So virulent that the islamic state are hunting them down and trying to kill them all the time. You know Charlie Hebdo and Lars Vilks.

The thing is, I am a liberal in a new sense. I am also a conservative in a new sense, a kind mix between the two.

Here in Denmark I am one of the first growing up here with not 100 % white skin. I have been surrounded by people with white skin all my life, my mother was white skinned, and so on. Sometimes I forgot that my skin was not all white, but brown, because everybody around me looked all white.

But of cause people looking at me did not forget, because they could see it. At a certain time, I realised that Danes were in danger of tribing up. In the face of the onslaught in the Mohammad cartoon crisis, I understood, that if did not do something, I would end up not being able to live in Denmark. So, unconsciously, I began the journey that ended up bringing, among many other things, Barack and I together. Because he had a bit of the same journey. I tried to reconcile myself with the fact that I was half dane and half bangladeshi. Being a bookworm I began looking in philosophy for answers. Who was I?

I realised, that I was something new, and that new identity had never had a true philosophical foothold, in fact it could be cast out before it ever reached maturity.

I decided to carve out a niche for myself and for people who would follow me in my understanding of what it is to be a halfdane in Denmark. I realised, that Danes in general, or rather Danish identity was truly threatened by Diogenesism. I could not live with that, because here was I trying to understand my Danish roots, and then all my Danish friends (liberals) hated their own culture. But somehow, they understood and tried to understand me. That was good, because it also gave them a link to their own roots.

I am rambling, sorry.

I believe, that what truly brings us together is a sound civil rights movement, a brave fight for democracy and enlightenment.

These are common values that we share despite our skin colour.

Europe has to get it. We cannot sit in our trenches still, pointing fingers. We have to find a new equilibrium. The children of my philosophy are not racist, they accept different skin colour as a fact, but they also fight for the values of the nation. That is the rule of law, democracy and enlightenment.

If we end up in our trenches, the liberal part loving all races and fighting for a boundless world, and the conservative for a white traditional world. We do not get out of our trenches, we just keep up digging deeper and deeper.

The middle road is where we can take a bit of each, and mix it up in a new cocktail.

G-d bless the will to see thing anew.

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