Peace of Germany

It is extremely difficult for Germany these days. The migration crisis is going into a phase of chock, and the solution is extremely difficult, if not almost impossible.

But we need to focus on getting it fixed.

Now is the time to put in motion the redistribution of refugees in to the vicinity of Syria.

Those who are not refugees bot just posing, must be treated as tourists with a visa not as refugees. You do not pay the stay of a tourist, he pays himself.

I know that people are angry at Angela Merkel, but I believe, that she is just a reflection of how Germany thinks. So blaming it all on her is not fair. It is a deeper and more profound discussion on race and the shame after the second world war that is the true discussion.

You need to find a solution to that. Accepting rape of young girls is not a price Germany should pay for the loss in the second world war. That is not fair.

It should be possible to stop that trafficking.

You need to get focused, and start the process of redistributing the refugees in fair and humane manner. Those who are true refugees should have shelter, those who are just posing, should not. Protect the women the children and the christians who are most in harms way, and noone will blame Germany.

In fact not doing anything will land Germany in the same quagmire as Sweden is doing right now, as a uncivilised state not protecting its citizens.

This is a difficult situation, but you need to act.

The EU wants to redistribute the refugees in Europe. This will just unstabilize the continent even more. Go with my proposal, and look at the content of each refugees claim on asylum. If it is just, help him or her, if it is not, give them a visa and a ticket home.

This is a crisis and you need to act now.

G-d bless the peace of Germany.

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