The new form of terror

If you come to a country, get accommodation, free food, wifi and healthcare, then if you start molesting the women of that country, then your accommodation and free wifi is forfeit. Not only that, you stand to have true and hard punishment.

I have been, grudgingly, reflecting on the rising wave of terror and physical assaults migrants and refugees make on the hapless Europeans.

It is a disaster of enormous proportions that unfold in front of our very eyes, and it has been going on for decades in some countries.

The most absurd thing about the harassment of European women is the fact, that you can do something about it. All you have to do is to allow the criticism of it publicly.

When migrants are criticised for it, they will, for most part, stop it. But if you subdue the criticism by harsh means, they will just keep on doing it. I realised this, because I stopped it here in Denmark six years ago. It was an interview I did with a leading Islam critic called Lars Hedegaard. In this interview I managed to start a debate about it, and since then, it has been much less of a problem.

All you need to do to stop the worst atrocities is to allow the criticism of it.

Then we have to realise, that there is a deeper problem as well. Rape has been used as a method of war within jihadi circles since jihad started. In fact you can argue, that the Koran admits it. We see it in the methods of Islamic state, that puts it to use against the Yazidi and other polytheists.

It is a part of the jihad.

Therefor it is also terror.

Terror is the politically driven fight for a caliphate and a sharia state.

If you use rape to reach this aim, the rape is an act of terror.

We should treat the rape by muslim migrants and refugees as a potential terror act. We know that terrorists have used the migrant crisis to slip into Europe, and they use all the methods of the terror manual.

Therefor we should not accept these actions, but use all all the tools that we have given the police and secret police, as a tool to extinguish this new way of terror in Europe.

G-d bless the peace we should reach in the end, and we confront the evil of the terrorist we have now in our midst.

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