Happy birthday Michelle Obama

michelleMichelle Obama is having her birthday, happy birthday! I know that my conservative views sometimes seem a little too harsh sometimes. But please, if you look at it from at coloured perspective, you can see, that if we do not, as the first, take a fierce stand against terror. We will be the first ones to loose our protection of the state.

It is like this, we have to do everything better than everybody else, just to prove our loyalty.

What I am doing, makes way for normal law-abiding citizens to be a part of society. It makes a little room for us as well.

Apart from that, I really envy your beautiful family. I try to be as good as you guys when it comes to raise a proper family. With all it entails of security and joy of life.

Family is the rockbottom of society, and we should, perhaps, from one family to the other, extent our gratitude.

Anyway, happy birthday from my little family! 🙂

And G-d bless the ability to remain strong when the gale and wind tries to blow away your little sanctuary of the world.

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