Congratulations mr. Barack Obama, we did it! Brought peace to the Middle East, through diplomacy did we reach a deal with the Iranians.

It has been a really long haul, but eventually we did succeed. This calls for a celebration!

I am celebrating now! 🙂

I know, that there are numerous problems around the world, and we are fighting here and there. There are evil men doing what they are doing here and there. But we have proved, that through diplomacy can we actually make a difference. Through wise words and intelligence, through trust.

Now people say, that Iran will use all its money on terror after this. Well, we will see. And as we on our side, have people that support war, and people that support peace. They have on their side have the same. It is really an internal as well as an external fight on both sides.

Let us pray, that our side wins on both sides.

Until then, we should really prop up our friends and seek to foster more peace along the way.

There is no doubt, that the warmongers in Europe will try their very best to alienate us all. But if we have faith, and keep up our belief in the good of man, we will prevail.

G-d bless the peace we have made, and may G-d the almighty bless Persia the heir to the hittitties.

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