Well, the European Union was based on an idea of a open democratic union, and on the equality of all its members. Through the greek debt crisis some, or all of those lofty ideals vanished in a desperate fight for survival.

Now, we are talking about more power to an idea or society, that has failed as a moral project. It failed with Greece, and it is now, slowly deteoriating into something very dangerous.

I have been planning, the last eight years for this collapse. Because even though I do share the values of the European Union. I truly believe in an enlightened, democratic world, I just knew, from the beginning of my career, that it would never work, and I have feared the downfall of the EU.

If the net result is a more autocratic and even nazilike Europe, the entire project should never have started. Then Europe would have been much better without it.

My strategy was to implant and fight for a democratic, nationalist agenda with a POTENTIAL for cooperation between the equal countries.

I believe, that if this process is ever going to work, it has to be cooperation between equals. If it is not, as the EU has become now, it is worse than not having it.

Europeans are tribespeople, and if you do not accept and respect that, you will never get anywhere. This does not mean you should actively support an overly tribalistic view of the world. But you should respect the Europeans and their individual histories and mythology.

We will see who will win in the end, I truly hope I win, and I do not understand, that I am not supported more in my visions of Europe, that is truly democratic.

The idea of a European Union is too radical, you need to take it a bit more easy, and respect the pace of the peoples of Europe.

Now we are entering a European spanning war, and that will define Europe. Because those who rise to meet that threat, will define the future of the country they fight for.

I have fought to make a democratic/humanistic opposition to that terrible islamistic threat. I hope I win, and I hope that those who formerly supported the EU will see, that my project is much more sound and therefor possible to implement.

You have to be honest to make politics. If you are dishonest and manipulate things, then people will eventually see through your schemes. If you are true to what you are, are willing to sacrifice your own life and safety, you are then able to give a moral underpinning to your ideas.

Sitting behind a desk and dish out money to this and that will not bring you anywhere. But fighting for an idea, with your life, will spurn you through.

We will see, but my feeling is, that I have the initiative.

Go with love and truth, not manipulation and bureaucracy. Be honest, straighten your back and talk truth.

G-d bless the survival of Europe.

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