Ukraine is in trouble, and one of the greatest troubles is the oil pipe that mr. Putin plans to build through Danish waters.

It is a threat because it will lift off the lever Ukraine has on Russia, because the current oil pipe runs through Ukraine.

Through all the conflict that Russia and Ukraine has had with each other, I have tried, successfully I think, to strike a balance between Russia and Ukraine. In fact I have connections to both powers.

I will, off cause continue to do this. It is my project to make peace.

What is really the problem is not alienation, it is stupidity on both sides. I am sorry to say. You are kin! Russia was spawned from Ukraine, and a conflict between Ukraine and Russia is just totally stupid.

What we need to do is to try and understand what brings us closer not what tears us a part.

The most strange thing is that both Ukraine and Russia is moving in the same direction; to a deeper understanding of itself religiously and in a national frame. Since both countries share the same history, the result should be unity not disunity.

But, anyway, we here in Denmark, truly understand the depth of the problem and the implications. We have no motive but to try and help the peaceproces, and we will not take sides.

We have come a little way recently. Let us build on that basis of peace. Stop the fighting and meet each other.

G-d bless the peace process of Ukraine and mother Russia.

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