There is an increasing pressure on Denmark due to two things:

  1. The way that Denmark has tackled the migrant crisis has bot been very humanistic. The authorities have used scare tactics and do things that are obviously wrong. Like taking the jewellery from the refugees/migrants.
  2. There continuous campaign the secret police has conducted on my person.

Regarding the first issue, which of cause is the most grave. After all, we are talking about more people than just me. The irony of it all is, that I have, already planned a process that would ensure both the danish populace and the migrants/refugees. I have made a plan, where we in Denmark will put up serious developmental projects in and around Syria to educate, give health and security to the refugees. This will help a much larger quantity of people than what we are doing now. And it will minimise all the confrontation between the refugees/migrants (some of them IS operatives) that we have seen in the new year. This is a simple solution to a complex problem, and it is truly based on a humanistic view of things.

Regarding the second issue. The continuous war that the secret police has given me (without me having any means to respond). It has wavered forth and back. I have even had some help of them I think they think in their machiavellian minds. But the bottom line is, that they have for around eight to seven years infiltrated my family, used the “Capone method” against me. That is using the system to reduce my income. In practise setting me in a kind of prison. If you have no money, it is difficult to get anywhere. There have been months, where we, me my wife and my daughter have had almost no money. Not because we did not make any money, no we have normal jobs, but because there was always some kind of bill the system could boil up, so we could hardly scrape by. Ok, that was not the worst. The worst has been, that they have used my little daughter in their games. Using her kindergarten and nurse to try and shut me up.

So now, they are ALL SCHOCKED that the international community is pointing fingers.

Honestly, are there any other states that in their right minds would persecute a philosopher? We are sacred, because we are supposed to be the last saviours of the society we live in. Doing it is absolutely criminal, not only in the eyes of other philosophers, but human society. I mean when Ghandi was beaten by the state, did that state not lose credibility?

My advise to mu friends in the international community; press on. You are the ones who are fighting a spiritual fight against an inhumane system.

G-d bless the will to fight for good.

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