The atrocities of Denmark

You know, for many years I have passionately fought for peace. I have sacrificed myself in the interest of other humans. Children, women, even refugees.

Through this course, i have pinpointed the bad guys and given room for the good guys. I have fought the IS, and helped the peace core in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Through all this, I have been hunted by the police in Denmark. Why, I have often wondered why. Yes I have criticised some muslim here in Denmark, namely those who are doing atrocities. Everybody agrees, even other muslims, that raping and pillaging is not the way for Islam.

Yet, through this intellectual fight, the police have hammered me, stolen my money, tortured my daughter.

But now I just realised why. It just came clear to me after that the public revision have gone through the statistics of the police. I suppose it is something that is done after the attacks in Cologne. The bureaucracy wanted to see if it is the same in Denmark. Do the police hide things here as well?

Guess what, they do. There are huge numbers of cases unaccounted for. Rapes, and accusations of rapes that has never got to the statistics. Leaving the citizens unknowing of the true magnitude of the problems.

They got an eye on me seven years ago, when I asked about this problem in an interview with a guy called Lars Hedegaard; why do we allow it?

The answer is, because the police has hidden the facts for the public. They wanted it to stay like that, so they fought me down. To keep the facts hidden.

They fought an international peacekeeper down, so that the poor hapless girls of Denmark could be raped again, and again.

Just imagine that. Now Denmark wonders why its reputation is in tatters. I can, very easily explain that. It is because you have no boundaries when it comes to the cover up of those evil deeds. You just torture and maim and put in jail those who talk freely about the rapes.

It is just so disgusting, it is hard for me to wrap my head around it.

The police has persecuted me for years, because thee wanted the rapes not be known to the public.

Talk about transparency and good public governance. My oh my. That is just going quite well. Let us all just give ourselves a medal and get on with it. We are truly at the forefront of things.

There is one reason why Denmarks reputation is in tatters, and that is because it has, willingly seen through fingers with the rape of young girls.

That is why, and that is an abomination of a course.

Let that be changed.

G-d bless the peace we will find on the other side of this horror story.

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