The West

I think I know what the entire conflict between the West and the East we are going through right now is about.

The West has been leading in the world in many ways for many years now. Through the last five hundred years Europe has been the pinnacle of development. The ideas and the progress that Europe has created has been unparalleled in the course of human history. It still goes on as we speak; The internet, my philosophy, the space industry, the technical development is extremely strong, and will change the way we life and do things here on earth.

This has brought a certain arrogance with it. We do not respect Middle Eastern culture, chinese culture, or any culture at all. We know that we are the best, and we are dumbfounded whenever we experience people that do not buy our values as a self-evident thing.

It is what is called a supremacy complex.

Now, this worldview is challenged by China to some degree and Sunni Islam to a degree. All of a sudden we are not just the best or the most progressive, we are challenged in our own self-image as the natural leader.

So instead of realising this, we subdue all who challenge our own worldview, namely those who do it of our own culture.

This is really the psychological unconscious motive behind the suppression of the rapes here in Scandinavia. If we openly realise the rapes, we also have to realise that our societies are failed. We are not number one anymore. For Sweden this is very, very difficult, because it has been used to be the poster boy of European society. Always tolerant, progressive, leading in all spheres of human societal development. So instead of realising that we are going downhill, because that is what happens when we encounter the problems everybody else does, we desperately try to subdue the facts. Both consciously as well as unconsciously.

But true advancement in terms of society is not the development we see today, it is to realise the full extent of the problems and start doing something about it. The rapes should be stopped immediately and the freedom of expression should be reinstated at once.

The ambivalence of out societies are fully shown in the subduing of me. In fact I believe I truly have all the progressivety and advancement Scandinavian leaders strive to have themselves. I know about Middle Eastern culture, I respect it, and I am not arrogant, so I am respected by everybody in the World. Sunni, shia, orthodox, catholic, anglican, jews.

Yet I am the one they try to subdue.

So there is an element of stupidity in the arrogance, and that is where it gets nasty.

When we here in the West are evil (what we are when we accept massrapes, subduing of intellectual and taking the jewellery of refugees), then the marriages of arrogance and stupidity gets really destructive.

It is that arrogance and stupidity we should combat and continue combating.

G-d bless the light of the creator.

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