We need to start discussing the strategy towards IS.

As of now, mr. Obama has done his job, cornered the bastards in Syria, and almost finished the job there. He will.

After that, they are about to swarm Europe.

In this situation, we are required to cooperate with the European powers.

This we have to be absolutely clear about. Some we will be friendly with, others not so friendly.

France is on our side completely. They fight for democracy, they have really felt the whip of the islamists over and over again, and we have a long tradition of fighting the same ideological fights. This fight against the islamists particularly. We need to cooperate with them,

Germany the same. Ms. Merkel has made a turn around on the fight against the islamists. And that will be a cooperation.

Strangely enough even Sweden appears to be on our side as well. They are really in trouble. But we need to cooperate with them, and see where that will get us.

There are however two countries that have not responded well to an islamist crackdown. Sadly my own country Denmark and Norway.

Recently Norwegian television, that is the state sponsored TV, has shown a despicable series of a young islamist being an ideal to young norwegians, and the young norwegians are buying it. It is called “Skam”, that is young norwegians should feel ashamed of not living up to islamist rules. Simple as that.

The same television series is now broadcasted by the Danish TV.

These kinds of obvious attempt of islamising the youth is disgusting, and should be stopped immediately.

In Denmark, there is plenty of talk, but no action.

We will see to which side Denmark turns, but it does not look good. I have repeated, on my Danish blog, the critical stance, but nothing appears to happen.

So we may start up with some pressure on the states, but have to realise that we may have to enter the country and finish of the islamist there, if the government refuses to do it themselves.

So we need a more detailed strategy, that looks at each country differently based on their allegiance to our democratic cause.

Some we can cooperate with, others not.

But to finish the job on IS. We need to push Europe.

G-d bless the willingness to fight for good.

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