Mr. Cameron and mr. Johnson

One thing I have to get off my chest in regards to the UK election about the EU, is the problems that mr. Cameron and mr. Johnson has had. Well, before the election, I really liked them both. So much, that I gave it all in the election mr. Cameron won. Remember, I helped mr. Cameron win that election.

But after the EU election the two former friends, and that being a formidable couple, lost their friendship.

That was very, very unfortunate. Especially with friends that had been together for so long. Then mr. Cameron got so sore, that he destroyed the chances of mr. Johnsons bid for the Premier post. What a mess!

I believe, that is was right for mr. Johnson not to go after the PM post, and I truly hope he did it, to keep his friendship with mr. Cameron.

Well, let us start by recognising the tremendous good that mr. Cameron has done to Great Britain. He, singlehandedly made a huge turnaround for the Conservative party, and he rebuilt the British economy. However, most vital of all, he won the election for a united Great Britain. We are inclined to forget that in the aftermath of the EU election. He won his first election.

So, for good and bad. Mr. Cameron has changed the UK a lot.

What he did contribute with, was that conservatism married to a liberal perspective. As mr. Churchill, he was a little bit of both. That was his true strength.

Now, he is out for good, and mr. Johnson is still there feeling only a half man. But that is politics. You have friends, and you lose them again.

It is time for mr. Johnson to fulfil the promise of an illustrious career, and get going with the rebuilding of the British Empire.

That task is indeed Churchillian.

Nevertheless, he also needs to make friends with David again, if that is at all possible.

You can lose your friendship, but you can also gain it again, if you try.

But, mr. Johnson, it is time for you to fulfil your promise.

G-d bless the will to be and realise what you truly are.

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