After the UK election

I have not commented on UK politics since ms. May entered the fray. I believe, that this was wrong, it is just because the consequences of the election are so far reaching and difficult, that I suppose I have refrained from doing it.

Anyway, what is really the result of the election in the UK? It is, that the English Empire has reemerged.

It is as simple as that. Why? Because the natural companions of the UK, are all the former colonies of the empire. Especially the parts that are still seeing themselves as part british; Australia, New Zealand, the Falkland Islands and so on. That is a broad part of the globe still English. They speak English, they have a British mindset, they work as Englishmen. They even have the same darn humor!

The problem with this realisation however is, that it excludes a lot of the migrants that have recently settled in Great Britain. Especially the Muslim migrants.

They do not see themselves as a part of the British Empire, in fact, they hate it.

So, we have a conflict here.

Not doing anything about it however, will not get us anywhere. We will need to address the issues. The Brits are getting a bit sore, and mr. Farage is poking his head out again. We have to realise, that we have to fulfil our promises.

What are our promises? It is to get rid of all the migrants that are destroying community life in the rural parts of England.

Start there.

You need to realise, that all the crime, the drugs, the islamist gang rapes and so on, are not tolerated. You need to work on that.

We have to talk about repatriation of those newly arrived migrants, who are not in acceptance of rural English peace.

No more rapes, theft, abuse of the social system and so on.

At the same time, we need to weed out the infiltration of the bodies of the state. There are too many with islamist connections in the states and communal system. We just have to tackle that.

It will be difficult, but if not, mr Farage will put the boot on our behinds, and he will kick us out.

So we need to move.

G-d bless the willingness to do things right, with a humane decency.

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