New frontiers

It appears to me to, that we Liberals are in a bit of a predicament. People are feeling demoralised, and seem to have lost hope.

What really went wrong? First of all, we lost the votes of the workers. That is the first, second and third problem. I believe I did point to that fact over and over again. But ms. Clinton simply did not have the rapport with the workers. She is too far away in terms of politics and engagement.

So, we had the right strategy. We just did not win on it. Our candidate was too far away from the swing voters we needed to win.

This again gives us an idea about what we should do to win the next time; we need to work on a political platform that includes the workers.

We have been too engrossed in human rights, minority protection, global warming and so on. As a result, we lost the connection to our roots.

Don´t get me wrong, what I am saying is not that the minority problems are not important. But we have to get back into the middle of politics.

There is however the problem, that in order to reach out for the workers, we need a worker as candidate. Someone who can understand them. Gets their point of view and they feel are like them. Someone like mr. Biden.

I have the feeling, that we have not seen the last of mr. Biden, and I truly hope he has not given up. In fact, I know he has not given up.

For me, I have one very difficult task. Mr. Trump asked for my guidance, he will have it, because we need to stand together in these difficult times. I will not allow the country down by turning it into a mess of conflicts running left and right. We need to pull ourselves up by the roots of our respective hair, and get things going. We owe this to the Nation.

But at the same time, I will try to lift up the Democratic party, and prepare it for some of the Change that Barrack and I fought for.

This will be pretty difficult, but nonetheless possible, if I just try to do things right.

I have thought about what we may do, and I will be back with more.

Perhaps I will even enter the mainstream media with a book on it. We will see.

G-d bless the will to do good and right, in the face of difficulty.

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