Strategic considerations

Well, it seems to me, that all my foreign policy plans have, magically come into focus again.

Allow me to give an explanation.

In the first term of mr. Barrack Obamas presidency, mr. Obama and I worked together quite a lot. We worked on the Arab Spring, the relationship to Russia and other things.

At that time, my basic plan was to try to make a good relationship between the US and Russia, and get IS into focus.

That did work out in the beginning. Before Ukraine, the relationship between Russia and the US was actually really good. After Ukraine, we still kept chugging on, as we succeeded on making IS a target that kind of had the ok from all international players. Including most of the Muslim players in the Middle East.

That war is reaching a kind of milestone in Syria/Iraq, where they are nearly finished off.

So what is next?

There are two things, that I have tried to prepare the American military establishment for:

1. The fight with IS in Europe
2. The fight with China

First the fight with IS in Europe. It was pretty clear to me, that a showdown was looming in Europe. My priority was to make it a showdown. That would strengthen us, and not destroy us. With the current infiltration of most of our civic as well as security apparatus, needless to say, this a pretty tough fight coming up.

My strategy was to try to prepare the system with a philosophy that was straight and fair. I put up democracy against islamism.

This has worked for the betterment of our Western systems. In fact, it has strengthened the democratic faiths of most nations.

I did not know it when i started out on the strategy, but it pretty soon turned out, that the US really loved the ideas. After thinking about it, it was quite evident what it was all about; after all, democracy IS the core faith of the US. I just did not think about it, when I made the strategies.

Anyway, it got us into a fight between a humanistic/democratic faith against what we know as Islamic state.

The fighting is moving to Europe, and, quite fantastically, mr. Trump now urges European states to invest more in defence. Perfect! I really encourage that, when the s… hits the fan, perhaps we are prepared after all.

However, perhaps, the US generals should worry about the kind of fighting we are entering. The basic moral is clear, we ARE fighting for democracy, but the kind of war we are entering can be grim. I do however believe, that the Americans will support the fighting, they are ready to fight the IS, if it is done with as much care for the lives of the servicemen as at all possible.

Secondly the fight against China. This is the real fight. The fight against IS will be bloody, terrible, angstprovoking, horrible, but it is pretty easy to win it. We just have to get started, as we are.

The fight against China however, is quite another matter. If we do not make peace with Russia, we will lose. We cannot fight both Russia and China. If we only fight China, we have a good chance.

There were, however, one or rather two obstacles. The first being, that China has been good at spying on our military capabilities. To a point where they almost knew our secrets better than we did. That was brought to the table some years ago, and it has been worked on. I am not hundred percent sure, that we are ready for the fight, but I hope so. Otherwise we will just have to wait until we get a green light from the military officials.

So, this is what i think we should do it!.

1. We take down IS in Europe, saving Europe, and making the entire West stronger. It will take some time, but after a few years, we would have made some headway.
2. At the same time, we will tackle China, reenforce our military capabilities, and take home whatever American production that is still in China. In fact work with all our allies to isolate China.

That will be, more or less, eight years of work. Nonetheless, at the end of that, we will be back, and not only America, but all of the West, actually including Russia, we be strong again!

G-d bless the will to be cunning and strategic.

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