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It seems to me, that an anti EU vawe is crashing the shores of the European union. But the fact of the matter is rather, that what people are voting against, is not really the EU. It is those who support the EU they do not like. They do not appreciate people who have been trying through manipulation and back door negotiations, to change the political makeup of Europe.

I mean, why should they. People look for honest, accountable leaders, who fight for them, and tries, their best to avoid corruption in their government.

The process around the EU build up has been made on unsound principles, and whenever the electorate was heard on the issues, they, quite openly, rejected the project.

So the political system should not be surprised. What has happened is really just the shift of the electorate from rebelling by votes directly connected to the EU. To take these grievances to the voting of the national parliaments.

If the elites cannot see this obvious connection, well, they should, honestly, find something else to make. It is very obvious.

I think the political establishment thought, that if it just made EU, it could, after it was built, make people like it.

Well, despite all the efforts done. It simply did not succeed. Mainly because all the decision the EU system has made, has been in direct opposition to the interest of the electorate. Like the decision to force Denmark to take migrants in, in direct opposition to 80% of the electorate. If you want to get unpopular, by all means, that is what you do.

As all other governmental entities or system, the EU system has, perhaps finally come to the realisation, that you can only survive if you have a reasonable support of the constituency. Without it, you will end up in the cemetery, with all the rest of political systems that has failed.

As always, what really destroys a doctrinal system, is the ethical ways of it. Like the KGB that finally destroyed the Soviet Union or the sexual machinations of the french aristocracy before the French revolution. The EU with its arrogance and unethical behaviour towards all who are in disagreement with them (my daughter can testify to that), is what ruins the EU.

What I do hope though, is that the system that ends the EU will be a good and civilised one, at least, that is what I have been working on.

G-d bless the will of the Europeans.

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