America coming back

It is kind of contradictory to see the guy that you actually fought against, using your own ideas to benefit not only him, but also the rest of America.

Seriously, that saving the plant in Indianapolis, was just really good.

I have discussed this with myself a lot; how do you really keep the production of a nation inside the nation. I have been inspired a bit by Ayn Rand, whom my friend Lars Seier is really into. But just giving businesses high fives and medals is not really helping that much.

The taxbreak idea that mr. Obama had, seems to work a bit better in fact, a whole lot better.

It really just warms my heart to see those dogs of construction with their missing teeth and their hearts broken, if they had lost their jobs, be so happy.

I may not be a man of production myself, but I really do feel with these simple guys, trying to make ends meet, feed their little ones, putting a little something aside for old age.

These are real people, and they just got their jobs back. That is good politics in action. Seeing the tears in their eyes, and smiles on their faces, just makes all the hassle and all the sacrifice worth it. For all that is worth, well done mr. Trump. Please use my ideas more, if it puts smiles on faces like that. That is goodness in action.

G-d bless the will to do good, to those lowest in the hierarchy.


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