When we look upon the theatre of the world, we are forced to accept the simple fact; things are difficult, and getting worse. The warring factions are stepping up their game, the peaceful faction are forced to fight, if we wish to keep the peace that is currently in most of the world.

The main antagonist right now of the West is not a single enemy, but a network of antagonist, that we have to tackle in this or that fashion, to ensure that the war that is threatening to engulf the world, is stalled or at least minimized in danger.

Good things have happened though. The United States of America has a leader of a proven and respected career in terms of peacekeeping. So this is a good thing, the rest is more or less just havoc and chaos. There is one little light in the dark, and it rests at the palm of my friend Barack Obama.

Ok, as usual, I will try to analyze the situation, to help my friend and all else who might listen to what I write.

First of all, a new foe has entered the fray; Quatar. Quatar has secretly sponsored the islamists of Gaza, and according to, the moves against the West has been going on for some time. They have moved from an ally the United States of America to a independent islamist player. Mind you, this is one of the richest countries in the world, so it has some clout.

They are now playing the Middle East game as a newcomer; too bold, too rash and they will eventually become an easy target for whoever wish to take them down. They do not play the game on an advanced level.

Add to this the unsolved conflict with Iran and an ongoing and simmering conflict with Russia, we are at a tipping point. In the centre of the conflicts lie Israel that has to bear the brunt of the attacks. Three civilians killed in the latest Hamas attack, it is simply disgusting.

Anyway, behind the iranian threat lies an even larger threat that we still have not figured a way to adres; the extensive network of sleeping cells, terrornetworks, infiltration of secret services, media and cultural institutions, that is the real power behind all the boasts of Iran. Yes they can fight a while in the Hormuz, but really, what would they accomplish by that? Not much, if they however bring al their terrornetworks into play in a final armageddon of apocalyptic dimensions, it would hit the western world where it hurts the most; in home.

So a strategy needs to take all these players into consideration, and conduct an intelligent and carefull strategy.

First of all, I would call Mr. Medvedev and ask him about the polish crisis, we need a solution to that. Ask him what it takes to make up, and be friends. I would be very careful not to throw the Polish people under the bus, they are a proud and good people, and they have their reasons to be scared. But make a solution where we are all at peace. Perhaps try a positive and healing strategy. We need to move on. This would ensure that we do not enter into a worldwide crisis on cold war lines. But give us a chance, to mend the relationship between Russia and America. It would be a strong and lasting legacy to leave.

If this is accomplished, we could move on to a possible solution to the conflict with Iran. There are two possible results of the negotiations; the complete deconstruction of the atomic ambition, or war. It is as simple as that. Either Iran steps down, or an armed conflict will commence. If we are to have any credibility in the international theatre of politics, we have to do what we say, and that is simple, we have promised Israel solidarity, and we have to go through with it.

If iran steps down; no problem. If not, we are looking at a war scenario.

If there is a war scenario, we are really fighting two wars. One is the conventional war in the vicinity of Iran, the other is the coldwar with Iran in the west. The conventional war should work along the same lines as Libya; to free the Iranians. The Iranian people trust us now, so we have a chance to set them free. If we do that, another great work would be accomplished.

The secret war is another thing all together. It is much more complicated and it has the potential to alter the world as we know it. The movements it will initiate in the Western world will be what defines the next hundred years perhaps even more. It has the potential to finish off the EU, alter Europe completely, bring in new states, and all the havoc and ideological chaos will be a new era of either darkness or light. This is the real game. If we are lucky enough to have Russia on our side, and my feeling is, that we will. We will have the strong bear, Mother Russia to fight along with, for faith and human rights, and that bear is a bear you would want to be friends with, and not have as your enemy.

So Europe will be encroached on one side with the new Russian democratic Byzantine society, and on the other side the bright, gallant fighters of light. In the middle a brutal war that will be fought from window to window, from street to street.

In this war, it is paramount, that the American and the Russian armed forces concentrate on robotics. In a guerillawar, advanced surveillance and focused attacks is the game, and here the new inventions are crucial.

Israel will have a chance to engage in the fighting on its own premises, and these should primarily be as a peacebringer and a carer for the wounded and hurt. This will be possible if the fire will be drawn away from Israel and into Europe.

So we need a strategy to counter Qatar and the european continent. In this, we should consider the strengths and weaknesses of both scenarios. In Europe, I have already touched upon the true situation and the absurd infiltration of most public services.

It is complicated, but with the right moves we can win with very little casualties.

G-d bless the peace we strive for, and let us avoid the massive bloodshed we are threatened by.

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  1. bilbo
    November 20th, 2012 at 12:14 | #1

    why should we even pretend to want to keep the peace?
    the muslim scum want war, let us give it to them.
    on our terms.
    our rules of engagement and until they adopt regular armies with recognisable uniforms, let us fight to the letter of the geneva convention and kill, on the spot, those taking up arms without being members of a regular army or the supporters of such.
    this isnt just Israel at stake, but the whole of the civilised world.
    Israel is just the first and easiest target.

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