A new breed of antisemitism

Another phase in the eternal wheel of antisemitism. Here we go again, we know that it will continue over and over again. This time just in another clothing.

We have done the extreme stupid mistake to look for antisemitism and racism for too long in the wrong direction. Hitler was both a socialist and a nationalist. In a way he combined right and left of his time. But due to a complete dominance of the left in the early seventies and eighties, somehow the look for antisemitism and racism was focused on the right, that is, in American terms the conservative part of the political life.

During this phase however, a new breed of racism, antisemitism and hathred against minorities has brewed and grown strong in the liberal camp.

It has all come a peek, and hopefully a peek, and not just a small step up on a ladder that will continue to lure liberals to its escalation.

We need to look at the practical reality of today.

The infamous mayor of Copenhagen, exactly the same mayor who arranged the islamfest at 9/11 has grown bolder, and is now attacking the local jewry.

At a socalled “multicultural” fest in a citycounty called Nørrebro in Copenhagen, she did all she could to exclude the jews. The story is now rolling in the media.

The situation is like this. The citycouncil wanted to “integrate” the local muslims in the citycouncil and beyond. So it threw a lavish party for the citizens of Nørrebro. Nørrebro is a living area for islamist and the hard core communists.

So to “integrate” the hardcore communists and the hardcore islamists, we are talking the most violent palestinians (who just attacked Israel to kill civilians) the citucouncil thought; well, let us make a party for all, to celebrate diversity and dialogue between different people. In it self not a bad idea, we should off cause have the ability to reach across the aisle. There was only one problem; the local division of the Danish Zionist union wanted to participate. One would think, that that was exactly what the citycouncil would appreciate; the zionist talking and communication with the same people who hate them and do all they can just to kill them at sight. A true peaceproject. I have followed the unfurling of the process, because I am a member of the same Zionist Union that tried to participate, and I know most of them as just normal, nice citizens, who just happen to support Israel, being jews themselves.

But, to the horror of the zionists, they were not welcomed by the citycouncil. I do not get it, how can we pursue dialogue if we are not invited to the parties?

The most disgusting thing however was not the rejection, but the way the citycouncil tried to reject us. First they send a polite rejection, then they tried to talk another jew into the zionists not participating (she off cause told the zionists about it). Then they started not responding, it was all just manipulation, disgusting, halfcloaked attempts to tell the jews, that they were not welcome. The reason why? Because the islamists and the communist were basically threatening the participation with violence. Not anything openly, but just offhandedly, disguised, hoping none would really notice the attempt to reject the jews. So why? Have we done anything wrong? No, we are here and we have always respected the rights of all citizens. Yes, we are actively working against all kinds of evil and disgusting behaviour of the islamists and the extreme communists, but we are working within the law, and we are meeting the islamists in the open. That is within the political process, and honestly, what is wrong with that?

Is it because we are evil, have too long noses, or bleed small children to death? Well we all have children ourselves, and are all crying for them if they are in harms way, as we believe the communists and islamists are as well.

Is it becuase Israel has supressed the hapless people of Gaza, by killing them, and trying to terminate their existence? Well, honestly there is a war in the Middle East, and in war, ethics is a difficult thing to realize, but, seriously, everybody knows, that the theatre of politics is a theatre of death, and the bloody Hamas killers rather like to put their own children in front of the rockets, than the jews killing any palestinian children.

There are many questions, but the true answer is simply, that we are witnessing a stale and corrupt state, trying all it can, within its means to supress the jews. They want them to shut, to keep quit, so we do not disturb the tranquility that is really the rule of Islam. Keep quiet and you are not harmed, say something, and we will kill you.

The citycouncil of Copenhagen are bying into this disgusting behavior by cowtowing, and accepting the basic premise, that minorities are to be protected, as long as they are not jews.

That is the new face of antisemitism, a new, vile, evil breed a new fruit on an ancient tree. Yet another foe for the bright fighters of light. Another turn of fortune, another progrom, another evil twin of the narrowbearded killer of jews in the late forties in Europe.

This is a foe, we should all just realize and say; never again!

G-d bless Israel.

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