We are entering a new phase in the war against Israel, after the American election, the game has been stepped up. First of all, we have to look upon the dynamics of the war. It is not simple, but a game of feints, counterfeints, and strategy.

The antagonists we have right now are mainly two, as I can cipher it through the media; Qatar and Iran. They each sponsor a band of people in the Gaza strip with money, weapons and so on.

That has to be stopped, we cannot continue the barrage of missiles from the Gaza strip. It has to be done in a civilized manner, but it has no justification in any way. The setup is continuing because the so-called “Palestinians” are just the physical end of a political process elsewhere, they are hired mercenaries in a way, prostituting themselves for the highest bidder.They try to see themselves as heroes and warriors of justice, but if you do not fight for a just cause (killing civilians is not a just cause), you are just a kind of mercenary doing it for your living.

Now, killing a mercenary does not make much sense. Yes, it will remove the danger for now, but new mercenary will soon enter the fray, and start the war and the fighting again. As long as there is a money man ready to pay for a war, there will be fighters ready to do the job.

So, a much more efficient strategy would be to attack both the mercenaries and the paymaster. Check out the true sources of the attacks, and pay back as we get. But be very careful; it should never surpass the attack in terms of strength. It has to be balanced, we cannot give more than we get, otherwise we would be the Goliath and not the David, and it would be seen as unjust by the world public.

And then just a small prayer; please, I have a hard time giving the right advice if all I have is the facts I get from the media. I need to be a part of the discussions. The conflicts are stepping up, and the game is getting much harder, I am afraid to make a wrong move, and take a turn that will cost the lives of too many people, so i need to calibrate my advice to the realities and opinions of the leaders of the different factions. It is not a demand, it is an advice to make the strategical advice as sound as possible .

G-d bless Israel.

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