The Copts

In Egypt, there is a rise in anti Christian sentiment. Especially the Copts, who is an ancient Christian group of worship has been hit hard. 

The current government of Al-Sisi tries it best to protect the Copts, but the problems persists. Especially ISIS related gangs seems to be targeting the poor Copts with suicide bombers and the like. 

It may seem a little far off, but terror attacks we experience here in Europe and in the US is far worse for the Copts. 

Let us not forget, that the Copts is an ancient church, that has been instrumental in many amazing feats of development of Christian thought. It still retains some of the most sacred Christian sites, among them the place where Moses was found. 

Connecting to the Copts has been a boon to the Catholic faith, and will continue so. 

The Copts are a sign, that the Middle East is actually a place where Muslims and Christians can live side by side. A project mr. Al-Sisi, thank you great pharao, has tried to make. 

Why? Because otherwise the endless cycle of violence will eventually pit all Muslims or at least Sunni Muslims against the rest of the world. 

In this case, I believe that Mr. Al-Sisi has a crucial role to play. But he can only do that if we really get behind him, and support him for his crucial role in the development of a peace. 

Please support his protection of the Copts, they are a wondrous people, wrought with disaster, but still holding on to the dignity of their faith. 

We can learn a lot from them, and we should support them, and all the rest of the persecuted Christians in the Middle East. 

G-d bless the peace we CAN find.

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