The dawn of the fight

You know, I am really amazed at the performance Mr. Trump did in Poland. Seriously, hands down, that was a class act. No doubt about it. You just hit all the right buttons, in a balanced, supportive, avant-garde speech that will go down in history as the first move of an American president in the war against ISIS in Europe. This is the horn blowing of a real leader. 

I never saw it coming, it was that amazing. 

I ran against mr. Trump, then he asked me to guide him, I have done that to the best of my ability, and the thing is, it is working quite well. 

The fight with China is all but prepared, mentally as well as military tech wise. The fight with ISIS in Europe is ready. Everything is in the finest order. 

When I think about all those years back when I started the work first with the resistance here in Denmark, then with Barack, I intuitively knew that we would make to here. I never really doubted it. I just knew it in my bones. When there is trouble on our doorstep we have this ability we of the Vikings, to look for the best, and let him lead us. 

It is one of the secrets why we have survived, we have this deeply ingrained way of organizing ourselves, across political differences, across nations, just doing the wisest thing. 

Now we are here, at the dawn of the fight. 

Let us pray. 

Dear G-d. 

Please let the mourning that will come be light. Please let the bloodletting be scarce. Please let all the fighting be done with the best possible and most humane end in mind. Never let us fight for money, but for that of freedom. 

Please attend our needs, secure our borders, help those who are weak, black as well as white. 

Do not pressure yourself on us because we are in need, but because we wish to let your will be done. 

Please, let this fighting be as mild as humanly possible. 

Let our league be strong and let us stop the bickering. 

Please, when it all ends, let the peace be everlasting. 

Thank you, and let us all say Amen. 

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